Banah Clift Point is a very interesting tourist spot. And worth a visit after you finish enjoying the beauty of the eternal pool in Tembeling. Banah clift point is only a few steps after we get off the vehicle. This place is in Banjar Salak. Batumadeg Village. Kec Nusapenida Klungkung Bali.

Banah Clift Point Information

NameBanah Clift Point, Nusa PenidaPlaceBali
Altitude0-268 m above sea levelDistance34,63 km
TypeNatural AttractionFromKuta Beach, Bali
SpecitifationBeach, CliffDay / Night Attraction

Accessibility and Value

The road condition of the last 3.5 km is really bad. Around 2.5 km before the point the dirt road became really narrow and has too many rocks and holes. However, hopefully the government still try to fix this condition.

Type of TransportPrivate Transportation
Capacity2-6 people
Duration1 hour

Value of Banah Clift Point

Main Attraction: Panoramic Photography

Worth Visiting


Value for Money

Activity to See and to Do

Trekking is the main activity to do here as the road is near with the clift. Every body must go on the footpath to get to the Clift. Panoramic photography is the uniqueness of this place because of the fresh air of nature we can reach and the beautiful view and do the sight seeing. Diving and Snorkling are able surrounding this clift. But not from this clift.

Facilities in Banah Clift Point

Local Guidev
Information ServicevLocal Resident
Litter Basketv

Internet Signal in Banah Clift Point

Provider3G4G5GNo Signal
Indosat Ooredoov
XL Axiatav
Tri 3v


Entrance Fee: Free

Entrance Vehicle: Free

Parking Fee: Motor Cycle: IDR 2000, Car: IDR 10,000

Brief Description of Banah Clift Point

One more recommended tourist destination in Nusa Penida that you can explore in one / two days when in Nusa Penida, Banah Clift

And make sure this location is the first destination you visit before going to other spots if you only have 1 day in Nusa Penida

This very enchanting clift, like a separate island with a hole in the middle, you can often see on the left when you stand on Kelingking / Paluang Clift

The distance here is about 1 hour from Kelingking. One way with Tembeling Beach. Many people don’t know this location, even the access is on the footpath after you park in a field owned by local residents

Taking pictures here is so amazing when you are near / right in front of it. Follow the google map directions and with the voicemail directions in my video, I’m sure you’ll get here right

Tour Package

Managed by: local resident

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